A great deal of council's work takes place at the committee level. Committees report and make recommendations to council for decision and action.

All council and committee decisions are in keeping with the ACP's values and vision, and support the strategic plan. The registrar or his designate is a resource to the committees. Committee members are appointed by the president.

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This committee develops, implements and maintains a continuing competence program that provides for regulated members to maintain competence and to enhance the provision of professional services.

It also fulfills the legislative responsibilities of the Practice Review Committee and Continuing Education Committee as outlined in the Health Professions Act and Pharmacist Profession Regulations.

Competence Committee Terms of Reference


Trevor Bills

Jill Hall

Cheryl Harten

Teresa Hennessey

Shawn Lee

Morenike Olaosebikan

Pamela Vipond

Loren Voice


This committee looks after College business that arises from and between Council meetings in accordance with the goals, objectives, policies, programs, and budget of the College.

Committee members include the President, President Elect, Executive Member at Large, Past President and the Registrar (ex-officio). The committee meets at least twice each year or at the call of the chair.

Executive Committee Terms of Reference


Brad Couldwell, President (Chair)

Stan Dyjur, President-Elect

Taciana Pereira, Past-President

Kamal Dullat, Executive Member At Large


Hearing Tribunal/Complaint Review Committee Terms of Reference

Hearing Tribunal/Complaint Review Pool Members

Rizwan Ahmed

Jennifer Bean

Tammy Bengry

Anil Goorachurn

Mary Gunther

Sarah Gutenberg

Christopher Heitland

Carin Jensen

Kevin Kowalchuk

Naeem Ladhani

Hugo Leung

Peter Macek

Anita McDonald

Tony Nickonchuk

Denise Nilsen

Kelly Olstad

Judi Parrott

Rakhee Patel

Don Ridley

Jamie Robertson

Beverley Rushton

Jennifer Teichroeb

Sharon Van Wert

Teryn Wasileyko

Tyler Watson


Section 65 Committee Members

Jim Johnston

Anita Warnick

This committee identifies council members and other pharmacists who may provide leadership to or on behalf of the college. It also nominates candidates to fill executive positions on Council and the boards or committees of external organizations.

Nominating Committee Terms of Reference 


Brad Couldwell, President (Chair)

Taciana Pereira, Past-President

Al Evans, Public Member