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  • Do NOT stock pile influenza vaccine; same/next day distribution was put into place so that smaller orders could be received more frequently.
  • The Influenza Immunization Policy is posted on the Alberta Health website. Please note policies on pharmacists immunizing employees in the workplace. Appendix F refers to the Alberta Pharmacists in the City of Lloydminster.
  • Policy update: Alberta Health will no longer be distributing a hard copy form for the Influenza/Pneumococcal Immunization Record or NCR. Instead pharmacists may access a fillable pdf version of the Influenza/Pneumococcal Immunization Record at The first page of the form provides all the necessary information to collect for the patient’s record and the second page provides important aftercare instructions for patients.


What if I’m not participating in the program?

Even if you don't administer vaccine, you can still play a key role in immunizations as educators and facilitators. We urge you to provide your patients with accurate information regarding influenza immunizations, including referral to an AHS Public Health immunization clinic, particularly for those patients in high risk groups. You can find more information on the AHS website.

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